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The medicine for various departments are addressed by our in-house 24/7 pharmacy. The admitted or incoming patients may require medicine at any point of time. We ensure the full medicine support to the patients to address their needs internally. KG has got dedicated staff working in different shifts to meet the emergency needs. Our facility provides easy access to the bystanders to collect the medicine from the pharmacy even late hours without delaying the treatment.

Pharmacy service
Operation Theater

Our well-equipped Operation Theatres are able to address any kind of immediate or scheduled surgeries with specially trained doctors and staff. Our operation theatres run 24/7 to support all medical emergencies for the in-house and external patients. Our technology and equipment are well enough to handle all major cases of surgeries internally.

Operation Service

"The Intensive Care Units (ICU) at KG Hospital provide efficient and eminent quality care to critical situations through a multi-speciality approach. KG ICUs well equipped with latest & advanced technologies and eminent doctors. KG Critical care is manned by well efficient Doctors, well trained and experienced staffs, are able to address critically ill patients who are in a serious medical complications. KG provide dedicated support and motivation to bring back the patients to their active life.

Super specialty hospital

"KG Hospital has a large well-equipped laboratory with well differentiated areas for Haematology, Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry and Cytology. The lab is manned 24 hours by a team of trained and skilled technicians. KG lab is centrally located for easy access from all in house and walk in patients. The general public also has the features to do various test and get medical advice from our eminent experts. KG pharmacies are working in normal working hours.

Super specialty hospital

"KG neonatal intensive care unit, are we equipped with infrastructure and expert staffs. KG hospital has 36 years of excellence in handling gynaecology and paediatrics. We strongly believe that our services are well enough to care for the next generation. We have 24/7 service with well efficient and expert doctors and nurses for all the in-house and external patients.

Super specialty hospital

"KG Emergency Care unit offers comprehensive care for all medical emergencies, 24/7.We have a dedicated team expert doctors from all major to provide critical or emergency treatment for patients of all ages. Our emergency team handled the cases with utmost care and efficiency and they are capable of handling all emergencies. The emergency care team at KG is always keen and alert mode on 24/7 shift model.

Super specialty hospital

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KG Hospital

K.G. Hospital is a multispecialty hospital situated in the heart of Angamaly. The hospital has 200 beds including one birthing suite, two birth stations, four operating theatres, a dedicated postnatal unit, surgical unit, maternity and gynecology unit.